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Protec carries Australia’s largest range of boogie, short, mal and SUP board racks. Our variety of racks enables you to choose from racking your board vertically/horizontally on the wall, to freestanding/mobile displays, or a single/short, mal board stand.

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About Protec Board Racks

Protec are 100% Australian owned and made. The company is based at Kirra on the Gold Coast, Queensland and have been manufacturing since 1999. Protec manufacture a very large variety of racks and products, thus enabling us to cater for the individual surfer, right through to the retail trade/board manufacturers and boardriding clubs and surfing events as well. Our products are designed to be safest, sturdiest and easiest user friendly products. The finest quality materials available are used and all are manufactured to the highest standards. Used correctly you will find that they provide a life time of use to the proprietor. All of our racks are designed not only to help keep your board safe at home from any damage, but when used in the retail trade it allows you to display boards in the very best possible way. This helping make more sales due to enhancing the appearance of your store.


“We have been using the Protec board racks since 1999. By using them, we are able to rack well over 500 boards throughout the factory, even in the wet-rub areas. They’re cheap, safe, and we recommend them to every-one.”

Manager, Kirra Point Pty Ltd

“We use them in our factories on the Gold Coast and in Japan. There is no other better system we recommend them to every-one.


“We use, sell and recommend them to every-one. They look great and work great. We can stock so many more boards using the Protec board racks and we highly recommend them to everyone”

PipedreamMurray Bourton, Pipedream

” We use Protec Board Racks in all our stores, and highly recommend them to all our customers.”

“We use and sell Protec Board Racks. We recommend them to all our customers.”

Manager, 100% Surf

“We use them in our store. They are highly reliable, safe, easy, and they look great.”

Brothers-NeilsenManager, Brothers Neilsen

“They’re fantastic, when you have a few boards and you need a safe and easy racking system, Protec is the go.”

Luke-EganLuke Egan

“They’re number one! There are no better racks than these.”

Deano-MorrisonDeano Morrison

“They’re the best racks!”

Mick-FanningMick Fanning!

“I reckon they’re great, I recommend them to everyone. They’re so easy to set up and use”

Joel-ParkinsonJoel Parkinson

“Protec Board Racks proved invaluable. They helped to provide organisation to the competitors area, while being extremely fast and simple to set up.”

Billabong-ProEvent Organiser, Billabong Pro 2000 / Billabong Junior Series 2000

“Protec Racks are the best method we have used for racking boards during competitions. They are very easy to assemble.”

Voodoo-Dolls-Smash-Series-2001Event Organiser, Voodoo Dolls Smash Series 2001

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